Is to provide extraordinarily high level of services and products, and supply in a timely fashion
which allows ours customer the best possible advantage in a competitive marketplace.



We dream. We have passionate ideas about what’s possible in this world. Our passions lead us
to create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us.



An efficient distribution network is extremely important to ensure that the products reach
customers in most effective way. Through our well-connected distribution channel, we make
sure that the best quality product with competitive price range reaches the end-consumers at
most timely manner.
The secret of our excellence lies in the meticulous care and detailed craft that goes into each
and every one of our products. It is the sustained commitment to excellence backed by strong
distribution network and customer friendly service that has enabled us to carve a niche for
ourselves across the length and breadth of market across Pakistan. We distribute to over
majority supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores over Pakistan. Our distribution
includes A-list, B-list and C-list retail stores. Our products reach the market via two distribution
1) Direct Store Delivery (or DSD): Under the DSD system, we deliver products directly to retail
stores. This particular distribution channel enables us to merchandise with maximum visibility.
It’s more suitable for products that are restocked often and are sensitive to promotions and
marketing. DSD also improves sales performance because there is greater control over shelf
spaces and promotional campaigns.